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If you’re going to successfully hire a high-performing marketing team, it’s essential to be strategic in your approach. Hiring is time-consuming and can be expensive, so it’s important that you get it right the first time. Here are some areas to consider: 1. Focus on diversity A successful marketing team is invariably a diverse marketing […]

Creating content can be expensive and time-consuming – but it’s well worth the effort involved. The problem is many businesses don’t realise the content they’ve already produced could be working even harder than it already is. Here are nine ways to get more out of your existing content. 1. Repurpose for social media Remember: your […]

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It seems like every day there’s a new trend in marketing: whether it’s NFTs or unfounded claims that entire channels are ‘dead’. It can be difficult, particularly for new marketers or those in small teams to resist the allure of the next shiny thing, particularly when it’s gaining a lot of traction in the media […]

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According to research by HubSpot, 82% of marketers actively use content marketing.  Since the beginning of time, humans have gravitated towards people who can tell great stories. Content marketing involves a brand using the power of storytelling to build long-term relationships with customers. But in a world where attention is at a premium, how do […]

Through our extensive network of retail leaders and our unrivalled knowledge of the sector, Retail Week Connect helps a broad range of companies target retailers with thought-provoking content marketing. In this blog, we’ve highlighted some examples of great content-marketing campaigns targeting retailers that we’ve developed in the past 12 months and the reasons we liked […]

According to Jim Collins, US researcher, author, speaker and consultant: “Highly visionary companies… do not oppress themselves with what we call the ‘Tyranny of the Or’… the ‘Tyranny of the Or’ pushes people to believe that things must be either A or B, but not both… instead, highly visionary companies liberate themselves with the ‘Genius […]

The rise of the internet and the proliferation of easily accessible online content had – many thought – sounded the death knell for print. There are now so many ways to share your content – from podcasts to videos to online articles – that it sometimes seems like print would be the most time-consuming and […]

Between the trading meetings, sales spikes, dips and that small matter of running a bustling business, a retailer’s free time is highly valued and highly sought. Video content campaigns therefore need to scream value in order to go from nice to have, to must make time for. From slickly thought-out leadership reports, to podcasts, vodcasts […]