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9 ways to make your content work harder

9 ways to make your content work harder

Creating content can be expensive and time-consuming – but it’s well worth the effort involved.

The problem is many businesses don’t realise the content they’ve already produced could be working even harder than it already is. Here are nine ways to get more out of your existing content.

1. Repurpose for social media

Remember: your customers aren’t all on the same channel. Your content can be repurposed for social media using LinkedIn Publishing or platforms such as Medium, quotes with a link for Twitter and Facebook or quotes and images for Instagram.

2. Remember email newsletters

Pushing out your content via your email database will reach those who have already expressed an interest in your business. You can add current context to a piece in the text of the email to make it more relevant before linking to the content.

3. Turn existing content into a series

Do you have multiple pieces of content – such as blog posts or videos – that all follow a similar theme? Turn them into a series. Release one every week or fortnight so your readers know they have the next part to look forward to.

4. Consider outreach

Guest blogging for another business or individual or appearing on a podcast or YouTube video can be a great way to make the content you’ve already produced go further.

5. Get influencers on board

If you have a piece of content you’re particularly proud of that isn’t getting the traction you want, consider turning to influencers. Ask them for a quote to include in the piece – appeal to their egos with a view to them sharing it with their own followers.

6. Don’t forget SEO optimisation

Spend time on your keywords. Make sure those you include in your content are well-researched and as targeted as possible to your intended audience.

7. Keep content up to date

If you’re going to repurpose your content, make sure that it’s up to date. Has anything you’ve included changed since you originally produced the piece? Are there any new developments you can include? Make sure content is as relevant and useful as possible for its consumers.

8. Don’t stop promoting

Just because you produced a piece of content a while ago, that doesn’t mean you can’t share it now – especially if it ties in with a big event or a topical news piece. Just be sure that, as per point seven, you keep your content updated.

9. Create a video

While some consumers prefer written content, others prefer something more visual. Whether it’s a YouTube video, Facebook Live, an Instagram reel or a Tiktok creation, share video where your audience is most likely to be, linking back to the original content where possible.

If you would like to make your existing content work harder or are interested in working with us to create new content with a long shelf life, contact isobel.chillman@retail-week.com