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Who we are

We are an award-winning content marketing team led by journalists, researchers and filmmakers who live and breathe retail and are a core part of the Retail Week content team.

We understand how retailers across the globe consume content, what drives them to engage and through which channels. By integrating that expertise with the unique position of RWRC Connect, and the strength of its global retail connections, we can build relationships with our audiences for our clients.

Nicola Harrison

Commercial Content Director

Laura Heywood

Head of Commercial Product Operations

James Knowles

Head of Content Innovation

Megan Dunsby

Senior Commercial Content Editor

Rebecca Taylor

Commercial Content Manager

Hannah Tovey

Group Head of Events Content

Simon Mooney

Head of Marketing

Stephen Eddie

Managing Editor

Emily Kearns

Production Editor

Rebecca Dyer

Production Editor

Imogen Jones

Commercial Partnerships Director 
Caroline Londono

Caroline Londoño

Business Development Director

Sophie Nevin

Account Director

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