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Dos and don’ts of being heard in a noisy market

Dos and don’ts of being heard in a noisy market

When it comes to content marketing it is important you ensure your brand stands out among the crowd.

There is no use being a shy wallflower waiting for people to come to you, instead you need to be the one making a big song and dance, causing people to want to know more about you.

But how do you best go about doing this?

DON’T be afraid to be different

When deciding on the content that you want to create don’t be scared to think outside the box and try something new. Make the way you present your messaging as easy to digest as possible, whether it’s a snappy blog, a colourful infographic or an exciting video, diversity is key in the world of content marketing. Do things that will make you stand out, whether that be by selecting a subject matter rarely discussed or by partnering with one of the must-attend events of the year.

DON’T deliver a sales pitch

One of the many reasons why content marketing has risen to the fore is because very few people (if any) like being sold to. So make sure that when writing comment pieces or taking part in panel discussions you keep the subject matter light-hearted and interesting. If you try to promote your company and its products too much then it will take away from the validity of the editorial and will lead readers to question the trustworthiness of your opinion. So beware of launching into a sales pitch, no matter how tempting it may be to do so when you have a captive audience ready and waiting.

DO position yourself as an expert

One of the great advantages of content marketing is the ability to position yourself as an expert. Get ahead of the rest by studying market trends and finding your own niche. Be confident and assertive with your opinions, which will help establish your company as the go to name in the field. Experts have special knowledge so ensure you know your stuff because knowledge is power.

DO discuss topics that appeal

Always ask yourself what is of value to your reader and pick subject matters that your audience truly wants to know about. Take new angles and approaches to the most asked questions and provide answers that really matter. Don’t blind people with science and technology jargon and instead communicate in a language everyone can understand.